I am a technology consultant and software developer based in Vienna, Austria. This blog stores things and lessons learned which I don’t want to forget. Hope you will find something interesting here.

Most of the time, the posts will be in English, however, some topics are purely related to Austria and therefore will be written in German. Nevertheless, don’t expect regular activities on this website, since blog-posts take a fair amount of time to write.

If you want to contact me, you can write me an email: afaik@posteo.de or find me on GitHub.

Sounds like FM4 - Pt. 1

tl;dr - formerly known as abstract Based on the FM4-Dataset, a similarity-based artist-recommendation table was calculated. Four approaches were implemented and the results can be pairwise compared. Additionally, graph-networks were modeled and rendered with Gephi that can be browsed by the blog reader. Between the four approaches diverse results were obtained. Some technical notes can be found at the end. Motivation and Description Having the FM4-Dataset at hand, I thought it would be nice to determine similarity between the artists. [Read More]

Bird's-eye view on the FM4 Dataset

For a couple of months now I play around with the trackservice dataset obtained from the Austrian radio station FM4. One of the early results was a starmap of Sunny Side Up. This week I was finally able to finish the cleanup process and to start some evaluation (Hooray!). Before we begin, a remark about the cleanup and the dataset itself. Summary of the cleanup The dataset I am using is from 2007 to 2017 and consists of: [Read More]

FM4 Sunny Side Up - Star map

As an exercise in data science, I started to work with a radio playlist dataset. Here in Austria, there is a radio station FM4 (fm4.orf.at), which plays a large variety of music over the week from alternative to electronic and local bands. One of its programs is called Sunny Side Up, which plays “The perfect music for your Sunday brunch” (according to its website). Basically, it is a mix of relaxed music, e. [Read More]

Einkommensverteilung der ÖsterreicherInnen 2014

Die gesamte Einkommensschere zwischen den Geschlechtern in Österreich in 2 Bildern. In meinem Eintrag zur Brutto/Netto Kurve Österreichs habe ich die Statistik Austria und ihrer Einkommensverteilung zitiert. In dieser Statistik wurden die Einkommen von 4.286.151 ÖsterreicherInnen aus unselbständiger Arbeit untersucht; die Gruppe umfassen Angestellte/Arbeiter sowie Beamte und Vollzeit sowie Teilzeit. Kurzum fast alle Berufsgruppen die täglich Geld in Österreich verdienen. Für die gesamte Statistik hat Statistik Austria die Ergebnisse als Quartilen/Dezilen bereitgestellt. [Read More]

Brutto/Netto Kurve - Österreich

Laut einer Statistik der WKO gab es 2017 im Durchschnitt 3.655.302 Menschen in Österreich die ihren Lebensunterhalt als ArbeiterInnen, Angestellte und BeamtInnen erwirtschafteten. All diese Menschen beziehen einen Brutto Lohn von dem sie Abgaben an den Staat und das Gemeinwesen leisten. Dieser Beitrag wird z.B. verwendet um den Einzelnen zu versichern oder Dinge für die Gemeinschaft zu finanzieren, wie Straßen, Krankenhäuser … etc. Die Fragen Wie viel bleibt mir Netto? [Read More]

Bevölkerungsentwicklung Niederösterreich

Intro Um das Javascript Framework d3 besser kennenzulernen brauchte ich ein einfaches Projekt. Der Datansatz über die zeitliche Entwicklung der Bevölkerung von Niederösterreich auf Gemeindeebene, bereitgestellt vom Land NÖ über https://www.data.gv.at hat sich dafür angeboten. Was diesen Daten spannend macht ist ihr Zeitraum: 1869 bis 2011. Damit kann man aktuelle Phänomene wie die Ausdünnung der ländlichen Flächen beobachten, und diese in zeitlichen Kontext setzen. Das Ergebnis ist eine interaktive Karte: https://afaik. [Read More]

Tutorial - Ember Light Table

I recently discovered Ember.js and dived into the world of frontend development. If one accepts some fundamental parts (similar to python), the development process becomes a breeze. Of course, there are still some things that need a deeper thought and more time to fully understand, I am looking at you adapters, but overall it is a rather pleasant experience. During the first steps, I needed a table and choose one of the ones in the long list of add-ons: ember-light-table Although it has some great features, I had a rather rough start with that one. [Read More]

Merge STL files with openscad

Last week, I wanted to create a holder for our shoehorn. By that time it seemed appropriate that great Cthulhu himself will do us the honor in form of a statue. I needed to manipulate the STL-file to add the actual holding parts and some mounting blocks for magnets that will hold the thing in place. My tool of choice was Freecad, and I was able to add the necessary parts to the model. [Read More]

Things I learned while making a website

I recently started becoming a freelancer in the tec-business. Like every eager businessman, I recognized, that I will need a website to succeed. Since I am too “proud” (or rather to stubborn) to just use a template from an arbitrary service, I found that I need a “special” theme for my page. These are my learnings from creating and designing that theme with ‘state-of-the-art’ tools (html5,css,bootstrap4) : Design and think beforehand This seems like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked. [Read More]